Soul Redemption

Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta

Record Details

Modern Adult Rock


  1. Soul Redemption -:-- / 4:49
  2. Please -:-- / 4:45
  3. Drinking You -:-- / 4:04
  4. I Knew It Was You -:-- / 3:19
  5. Tell Me To My Face -:-- / 4:26
  6. Rio De Janiero -:-- / 4:14
  7. Wild Moon -:-- / 4:11
  8. Coffee Song (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè) -:-- / 4:02
  9. How Could You Leave Me Now -:-- / 336

Soul Redemption is the debut release from guitarist/vocalist Flav Martin and drummer Jerry Marotta. This nine song album is filled with fresh, modern adult rock and a sprinkling of traditional world pop flavor. Whether performed in an Italian cafe or on the polo fields of Indio, these songs would feel comfortably at home in either environment.

Innovative acoustic guitarist Flav Martin teamed up with long time friend Jerry Marotta to deliver a solid album that showcases Flav’s strength as a singer-songwriter and vocalist. Seven of the nine songs on Soul Redemption were penned by Flav. Standout tracks are “Soul Redemption“, “Please” and the infectious “Rio De Janiero“. The traditional Italian ballad “Coffee Song (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè)” captures Flav and Jerry’s Italian roots.

Fans of Peter Gabriel will delight as Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin, the rhythm section of his classic line-up, reunite for the backbone of this album. Also backing up the duo are their long time friends Peter Primamore (piano), Thor Jensen (guitar), Marc Shulman (guitar), and Gary Schreiner (harmonica/accordion).

Soul Redemption was produced by Jerry Marotta and mastered by Chris Athens. Michael Cozzi (Security Project, Shriekback, Sky Cries Mary) was instrumental in mixing the album. A majority of the album was recorded at the famed Dreamland Recording Studio near Woodstock, NY.

Produced by Jerry Marotta
Executive Producer Debra “Chappy” Chapman
Engineered by Bella Blasko, Matthew Cullen, Connor Milton, Pete Caigan, Adam Armstrong, Joe Quigley
Mixed by Michael Cozzi
Mastered by Chris Athens
Sculpture Art by Lucy Krupenye
Art Design by Wellspring Media Group
Recorded at Dreamland Studios (West Hurley, NY), Jersville Studios (Woodstock. NY), and Mojo Creative Arts Studio (Westerly, RI)
All songs written by Flav Martin
except “Tell Me To My Face” written by Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks, Graham Nash
“Coffee Song” written by Giancarlo Bigami, Riccardo Del Turco, Giorgio Antola

Marketing/Promotion (North America) – Billy James for Glass Onyon
Marketing/Promotion (Europe) – Peter Holmstedt
Strategic LiaisonA.J. Chippero

Soul Redemption Reviews

The sound quality on this album is impeccable. These compositions have a nice warm organic sound that should please folks who appreciate the analog sound of music from the past. And the arrangements for each track are spot on.” – Babysue

All the songs get stuck in your head, have catchy riffs, are meticulously crafted, and are intricately complex, yet somehow, come across as so simple that one cannot help but sing along.” – Malcolm Moore for NewEARS

This album has great vocals and instrumentation as well as it being well written, recorded, produced and performed.” – Oasis Entertainment